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U9 - Softball Program

The U9 Softball Program is a way to introduce the sport of softball to children at all skill levels.  This program covers the fundamentals of softball, emphasizing fair play, teamwork and fun!

The goal is to improve every player's self-confidence and practice the skills necessary to participate in a softball game successfully.

U9 Softball Program Details:

  • Birth Years:  2014/2015/2016
  • Game Days:  Monday and Wednesdays (Starting in April - June)
  • Practice Days:  TBD by the Coach
  • Program Includes: TriCity Fastpitch T-Shirt Included
  • Home Park: Local Port Coquitlam Parks - TBD
  • Players must supply: Glove/facemask/batting helmet
  • Registration Fees: $180

Note: New softball players are also required to purchase a membership to Softball BC for a one-time fee of $10.

Sign-up here:

Softball BC Lifetime Membership Fee : RAMP Registrations

Titans 2008 (in 2017)

Equipment Required

Baseball Glove

Depending on the size of the player's hand the recommended size ranges:

10 to 11.5 inches


Face Protector

Depending on the size of the player's head try on the youth size first.  Recommended colour is black or Navy.

Face Protector

Batting Helmet

Please make sure the helmet fits right.  It must have a cage.  Recommended colour is Navy.

Batting Helmet

Running Shoes

Non-marking running shoes used for in-door gyms.



Cleats are recommended for outdoor activities.  (Soccer or Baseball cleats)



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