U11C Rules

2023 House Interlock Rules
District 6 - U11C

1. All games to be governed by League Rules. Where no League Rules apply, Softball BC
Operating Rules, then Softball Canada’s Rules will be in effect.
2. This is a no protest League, Umpire decisions will be final.
3. Once the field has been lined teams may not use the infield until game starts. Coaches
may hit balls from foul territory on the 1 st or 3 rd base side to players lined up at 2 nd along
the fringe of the field.
4. All game times will be 6:30 pm, no new inning after 8:00 pm game is over at 8:15 pm
unless otherwise specified by the Home Team Association.
5. The Home Team is responsible for supplying Umpires, game balls, lining the field and
supplying a “double base”.
6. Four run maximum per inning in effect, no open innings.
7. In the case of a team, which cannot field its normal number of players, it may pick up
registered players from an equal or lower category.
8. Teams may play with 8 players. Coaches have the option of borrowing a defensive from
the opposition. When the 9 th player arrives they may be added to the roster without
penalty. In the case of 8 players the 9 th player will NOT be an automatic out.
9. All teams must play all league games. Cancelled or Rained out games must be re-
schedule within two weeks (if possible) of the cancellation and played within two weeks
of the last scheduled league games (if possible). Teams MUST make every effort to
make up the game with the opposing team.
10. The Head Coach should make every effort to notify the opposing team of game
cancellations due to weather with fair time frame considering travel.
11. Pitching Requirements:
a. Distance 35’
b. Ball 11” Softie Start of the season until June than switch to a 11” Hardball.
c. Defensive Mask Mandatory
d. Pitcher will pitch no more than 1 inning/game
e. No coach pitching.
f. OUTS & Walks
g. Unlimited substitutions
h. No player to sit more than 1 consecutive inning no player to play the same
position more than twice/game
i. Players to rotate positions (infield – outfield).
j. No drop 3 rd
k. No infield fly
l. No intentional walks
m. Bunting & Stealing allowed (1 base at a time)
n. A player cannot advance to home on a steal, passed ball or wild pitch. The batter
must be batted home by a walk or part of a continuation of a play (ie overthrow)
o. Wild pitch hits batter – batter may only receive 1 st base if
i. Pitch is the air (no rolling into foot)
ii. Player tries to avoid being hit (moves)