Standardized League Rules

Standardized League Rules – 2023

1. All games to be governed by league rules. Where no league rules apply, Softball B.C.
operating rules, then Softball Canada rules will be in effect.
2. This is a no protest league; umpire decisions will be final.
3. All game times will be 6:30 p.m. & 8:30 p.m., unless otherwise specified by the home team’s Association Field Allocation Manger or Scheduler. There will be no time limit on games except where park rules or darkness apply.
4. The home team is responsible for supplying umpires, game balls, lining the field and supplying a “double base”.
5. Five run maximum per inning in affect, 7th inning is open. U-17A and U-19A will have no run limit.
1. Mercy rule is 15 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings, and 7 runs after 5 innings. If a mercy is reached the score keeping stops at that point and that score is reported. The losing team has the option of continuing the game.
6. Roster Options: Each coach has the option to pick their own roster option either Bat 9 – Play 9 or all players bat, unlimited substitution, but normal pitching conference rules in affect. “NO” agreement is required for both coaches to pick the same option. Once an option is picked that option remains in effect until the end of the game.
7. In the case of a team, which cannot field its normal number of players, it may pick up registered players from an equal or a lower category to a maximum of the team’s normal playing number. Names of pickups are to be given to opposing coach.
8. Teams may play with less than 9 players. Coaches have the option of borrowing defensive player(s) from the opposition. When the player arrives, they may be added to the roster without penalty. In case of 8 players the 9th player will not be an automatic out, etc.
9. All teams must play all league games. Cancelled games must be re-scheduled within the two weeks of the date of the cancellation and played within two weeks of the last scheduled league games. In case of games not made-up teams must be able to tangibly demonstrate to the Committee that every effort was made to make up that game with the opposing team.
10. The opposing coach must be notified 3 1/2 hours prior to the scheduled start of the game of any weather cancellations. For non-weather related cancellations the opposing coach must be notified by 5:00 p.m. the day before the scheduled game.
11. Each team is required to submit 2 Performance Bond cheques (dated April 1, 2023)
made out to the Lower Mainland Softball Committee in the amounts of $100.00, The intent of this policy is to ensure all teams play all games in all districts, and ensure proper notice is given so associations can effectively manage umpires and field resources. These cheques will be held and shredded upon the completion of the season unless a self addressed, stamped envelope is provided at the interlock meeting. Incidents which may result in the cashing of these cheques would be less than 5p.m. the previous day notice of cancellation, insufficient reason for cancelling a game or
repeated cancellations or failure to post scores and cancellations. In the event of a dispute over a cancellation, must be reported to the Disciplinary Chairperson (Mark Sherling at within 24 hours of the incident report attached, A review board is formed consisting of the Disciplinary Chairperson and 2 impartial members of the Lower mainland Softball Committee. If upheld one of the $100.00 cheques will be cashed for the first incident and the second $100.00 cheque for the second incident. The offended Association in question will receive the funds (less $5.00 administration fee on cashed cheques).
12. Incidents other than untimely or unwarranted cancellations must have a duly Umpire signed score sheet. The incident must be reported to the Disciplinary Chairperson within 24 hours of the incident report attached. A review board is formed consisting of the Disciplinary Chairperson and 2 impartial members of the Lower Mainland Softball Committee. The incident is reviewed, and review board rulings are sent to the offending coach’s association for possible further action. The association of the offending team must replace the cashed cheque within 7 days or risk losing membership in LMSC.